The Business concept

To realize a prosperous business concept, the following steps are necessary:

  1. the paradigm of all professionals involved must be put in the ‘change’-mode to become creative and realize a movement: improvement is only possible when being in motion!
  2. To put customerfocus at the highest priority within your organization.
  3. Think in logistic process steps and make it operationally and financially happen.
  4. Make a performance calculation in advance that is connected to the business concept. Make upfront the targets visible and make it an objective that must be realized. The objectives and the effect of it should be made clear as well as the required investments.
  5. Create beforehand a solid basis with all professionals involved and inform them thorougly and permanently.
  6. The time between initiative and development is 6 months at the most. The implementation phase is no longer than 16 months. The duration depends on the complexity and size of the organization.
  7. Involve an ICC-professional as programme-manager in the total process flow in order to manage and control the complete process so that success will be realized. Involve an ICC-professional and you make changes correctly the first time around.

Project progress:

  1. Initiation phase: the director of chairman of the company and the ICC-director come to an agreement where the agreed conditions are anchored in the appropriate legal documents, targets are concretely described in detail and the budget of the project is presented and formally agreed on by the principle. All uncertainties within the deal will be sidcussed. With this contract ICC can do her job. The management of the company (principle) facilitates and supports ICC logistically where needed. This contract is divided into four parts, including four moments of evaluation. The principle approves at the end of every phase the results and gives a formal order to start up the next phase and releases thereby the necessary financial budget.
  2. Development phase: ICC transforms a pilot-project team from the following disciplines:
    1. logistic specialist (the process manager obtained from ICC is also leader of the project)
    2. industrial designer (via ICC)
    3. operational manager who will be in charge after the implementation phase (appointed by the principal)
    4. operational arithmetic (via client/principal) with account systems (via principle and if not available via ICC)
    5. communication specialist (via principle) for complete, correct and permanently given information to all professionals and stakeholders involved.
    6. Upon request and where needed, specific expertise is called in (via ICC or via principle/companies director)

In this phase a detailed, well thought-out and lived plan is made that can be executed in practice. We explicitly look to the momentum in the market: is the time right for this initiative?

  1. Implementation phase: the plan from the second phase is to be realised in practice. The future manager in charge (via the management appointed) gets a prominent role in the process of implementation (not ultimately responsible since this is a ‘dangerous’ process for regular managers who do not have specific experience in making critical changes within the organization. The ICC-project manager is in charge of this process phase until the appointed future manager is sufficiently accustomed to her/his new job. When the new manager takes the leading role, the ICC-manager will become a coach to this new appointed manager in the consolidation/assurance phase that is yet to start.
  2. Assurance/consolidation phase: as soon as the appointed manager is sufficiently accustomed to her/his new tasks, this manager takes over the complete operation and leads this new organization into going concern. The ICC-manager is now only advisor upon request by the management of the company and/or the newly appointed manager.