Examples of  ICC developed business concepts


1:Employed by KLM (1987) (after he had realized a major quality-improvement on the NLM CityHopper-fleet), Cees has developed and implemented the concept of “route related provisioning” on the KLM-fleet at first on the Tokyo-route out of Amsterdam in close cooperation with, initially, the local Japanese sales staff inclusing ms. Mie Ooura).

In the KLM-aircraft on the route from Amsterdam to Tokyo and vice versa Japanese meals, snacks, beverages, newspapers were uplifted aboard and supplied to the passengers. This was a major logistic operation. The latest (depature date) issue of twe Japanese newspapers were ‘uplifted’ on board the KLM-aircraft to Tokyo.Dedicated KLM-aircraft

Via satellite, both newspapers were wired to London, printed there and shipped into Amsterdam to be supplied on the KL641 to Tokyo (at 13.10 LT). These newspapers were called the Asahi Shimbun and the Nihon Keizai. These newspapers were primarily supplied to the Royal Class and to the Businessclass passengers. This Japanese touch on all flights from Amsterdam to Japan was highly appreciated by the Japanese passengers and became a great success for KLM (which it still is). This success is spread out to other routes as well and this concept distinguishes KLM from her competitors.



2: With the construction of the IKEA-unit in Utrecht, Cees Buys was asked by Service One Catering in Utrecht to help them develop a successful business concept for the IKEA-restaurant. Their target was a restaurantconcept with a limited amount of cooks but with a stable and highly appreciated foodquality. Could this be possible? The answer was yes.

Cees Buys accepted this developmentjob with his ICC and developed a succesful businessconcept that became a worldwide standard within the IKEA-organization. No professional cooks were needed anymore and this saved IKEA a large amount of money. The logistic system was changed completely whereby ‘IKEA-Systems’ in Copenhagen watched closely what was going on. As soon as the system has proven to be a success, this IKEA-department took over and transformed this concept into manuals for the entire organization. This businessconcept was based on trust in your costomers and became a large success and was consequently  implemented elsewhere.


3: From the management of Servex (subsidiary company of NS – Dutch Railways) the request came for a larger variety in restaurants on the Dutch railway stations. The stations must become more safe and comfortable. Till then a very limited offer was given on the Dutch railway stations and the quality was generally speaking rather basic. Cees Buys accepted this job and started with a pilot-project group (under his command) the development of four new restaurant concepts (also transformed in franchise formula’s). These concepts were “Smuller’s”, the “C’est du pain” (now called “BroodZaak”), the “Restauratie van ..”, the “Sweet Touch”.

Also two concepts were further developed such as the Kiosk and the “Swirl’s” together with  its owner (Wisselaar). In 18 months over 45 concepts were implemented on several railway stations. These stations became indeed more comfortable with a much higher sense of security among passengers. It became also the moneymaker for NS-stations, the company that owns Servex. Also other existing business concepts (such as Burgerking, Pizzahut, etc.) were allowed on the Dutch railway stations.

4. In cooperation with the well-known Dutch masterchef Ton Pinxten (owner of the Michelin-star restaurant Wolfslaar just outside the city of Breda) Cees Buys made the basis for the complete five-star hotel- and restaurant concept that is now known as the Karel V hotel in the larger Dutch city of Utrecht. The implementation was alternatively realised by a third business partner after the complete project was sold.



5. The board from the University of Tilburg (KUB) wanted to make the campus in the evenings and weekends more lively and safe and asked ICC (Cees Buys) to help them create some business concepts (among other quality and logistic items to arrange there). We developed two business concepts in the form of a tearoom (the KUB-of-Coffee) and a Grand Café in modern style. The daily work logistics has got the necessary attention and were therefore quickly adapted by the staff that time. The result was and still is that more students do stay on the campus, instead of going to the citycentre of Tilburg with its nice restaurants and cosy bars.

6. For various Intratuin-branches (a well-known and large kind of “garden-supermarket” in Holland) a small restaurant-outlet is developed and improved businesswise. This outlet is called the “Tuincafé”. In the mean time this concept was further developed by the Intratuin-organization itself.



7. For various large care-organizations we have developed a completely new food-logistic concept whereby the costs have decreased over 50% and the quality improved more than 100%. ICC developed her own restaurant-concept for senior people under the name “De Ontmoeting” (translated: ‘The Place where to meet people’, ‘The Meeting’, ‘The Encounter’) and is easily

Foodconcept logo

Foodconcept logo

implemented in all other care-organizations that wish to improve their food quality and to reduce the costs. Be sure that we can help you out. Rearranging the relatively difficult facility-services and –processes are also a specialty of ICC.






8. In cooperation with the Dutch food-equipment company Anbo-Leventi (in the city of Tilburg) various restaurant concepts were developed and implemented. An example was the Gelredome-stadium in Arnhem where we developed, financed and realised 25 snack-outlets on the Promenade-circle. For Anbo itself we developed her own concept under the name “Anbo Catering Systems” that is still operational.


9. BedrijvenLease is a brand-new concept that was developed by Cees Buys. It is an integral answer for the Dutch small business market whereby over 100.000 of these small and middle-sized companies experience difficulties with their succession (in fact this is a European dilemma). Their owners are already over 65 years old (babyboom-generation). In order to realize

BedrijvenLease logo

BedrijvenLease logo

the concept of BedrijvenLease, the company BedrijvenLease Equity Funding NV is initiated and already in operation. Within this company ICC developed several business concepts that help to solve the above mentioned problems. The concepts that we have developed are:




Meat & Eat: the new generation of butchers that is shaped to be a very lucrative business concept.


MyTailor: is an alternative for the present clothing industry and it makes tailor-made fashion popular among a great amount of persons (nationwide is possible). The logistics are very well-organized using existing organizations to do all the work.

QureHouse hotel: This new development in the hotel business can be an integral part of a chain of complementary care-organizations. It combines two worlds: the hotel industry and the care-industry (hospitals, elderly homes, etc.) within a ‘healing environment’ and a commercial setting. The existing paradigm is substantially adjusted to the spirit of this time with the touch of good old home.


De Schilders (translated: ‘The Painters’): an integral and all-technics comprehensive business concept that focuses in the complete maintenance of real-estate objects. The complex University Medical Center in Groningen (one of the largest hospitals in the Netherlands) was the test-location for this concept. It works there it will work anywhere.

De Ontmoeting: is an intelligent logistic system around the daily foodsystem in elderly homes and other care-organizations. It is primarily based on the needs of senior citizens. High food quality, fresh-elements and products against around 50% of the costs of the present food systems in such care-organizations. No risks and 100% results are guaranteed with this proven business concept.


Logo Meat & Eat