The ambition to excell                            Since 1994

ICC is managementexpertise since 1994. Our expertise is to improve business profits to the maximum within the Netherlands as well as Internationally (worldwide).

In the past decades we have succesfully developed and implemented a large amount of business concepts.

Our expertise leads companies and institutions to excellence. We use the concept of Delta-pact to accomplish this. This concept consists of the following items:

1. We commit ourselves to your company with a socalled ‘Performance-contract’ and guarantee you the promised results. Performance-management is hereby intoduced.

2. The Performance-manager takes the CEO-seat, makes a shap initial analysis of the company and the roadmap to excellence (+ timechat). Anfer consent on the contents and signing the three-party-contract (you, the intermediate bureau and the Performance-manager) the starting-point is behind us.

3. On a monthly basis the resulta are presented and tansparancy and integity are standards. Zpact supports this road to excellence with het community of top-professionals who keep the Performance-manage on the golden track.

4. The monthly payments are normal amounts and after the contracted period, the performance-manager receives a substantial part of the addtional profits gained. This is to be contracted upfront with no surprises aftewards.

5. Part of this deal is not only bring this organization to excellence but also to secure all the results in systems, structures and in the companies culture. We use also smart business-concepts to reach our goals.


The appropriate business concept brings all possible success elements together and will boost the potential for success of the company substantially.

Advantages when using your own businessconcetp(s) are, among others:

  1. Reduction of the companyrisks
  2. It helps to get a clear market communication
  3. Adding substantial value to your company
  4. Increases your marketposition against your compettitors

An appropriate and intelligent ICC-businessconcept is a key to your successimprovement.

The disciplines and specialities collected within the specialised groep of professionals od Zpact as our business-partner (besides the extended managementskills that every member represents are:

  1. Financial expertise in every thinkable and useful variety
  2. Corporate finance (now that the traditional financial institutions are less open to help, corporate finance gets a complete different dimension that we handle effectively.
  3. Fiscal- and fiscaal-legal matters as well as complex legal queries
  4. Facilities and hotelservices (in the most complex organizations, developing and building shared service centers SSC’s in an effective way, etc.)
  5. Marketing and sales in new and changed markets
  6. Purchasing matters (in all various forms including total costsavingprogramms (with guaranteed results), etc.)
  7. ICT-challenges where our compettitors step out
  8. Human Relations Mmanagement (restructuring organizations according to new paradigms)
  9. Technical maintenance of existing buildings and technical construction expertise.
  10. Proces improvement in primary and secundary companyprocesses, Quality projects, certification projects and sustainability projects)
  11. Safety- and security projects (counterintelligence, preventive security and safety projects)
  12. Corporate governance and the skills to make the top-management more effective and succesful (leadership development).

We are proven success engineers for organizations and companies and do our job within the Netherlands but also international (whereever needed in the world) in commercial organizations but as well as in social and other NGA-organizations.

My first book is now being translated into English and published as well via This book bescribes the way to work and think on the road to excellence.

Ples let me know when interested. Call me!


Cees Buys,

Telephone number mobile: +31 (0)6 5134 2649